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The twin towns Aue and Solingen

Wappen der Stadt Aue
Wappen der Stadt Solingen

With the reunification of East and West Germany many town twinnings have been made in Germany, including the twinning of Aue and Solingen.

Historic relations played an important role in the choice of the twin city. In the 1950’s, the “German Gymnastics and Sports Association” of the GDR transferred the sponsorship from the sports club “Solingen Jahn 09” to the “BSG Aufbau Aue” under the slogan: “Common German Sport”. Because of this, a lot of relationships arose between players and their families. After the construction of the Wall in 1961, those relationships could only be held on a private level and under difficult conditions. With the establishment of the town twinning in 1990, the former sponsorship has developed into a town twinning that extends to all spheres of social life.

The spirit of those relationships has emerged from the city halls to the clubs, associations, church groups and personal contacts. Initially, the twinning largely consisted of the setting up of the town hall administration in Aue, but today, there are people that bring this twinning to life in coming together more and more.

After the flood in Aue in August 2002, there was an immediate sense of solidarity. This incident let the partnership appear in a new light. A fund-raising campaign organized by the city of Solingen provided nearly 300,000 €. Private auxiliary transports benefit concerts, donations from companies, associations and individuals helped to significantly eliminate the flood damage.

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