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Association of cities


The city of Aue is a member of the association of cities "Silberberg".

According to the increasing within Europe by building general networks, the cities of Aue, Schwarzenberg, Schneeberg, Lauter and Lößnitz, as well as the municipality of Schlema signed a contract in 1996. In hope for better chances for the economical marketing of the region, common projects were founded.
One of the first big projects was the development of a common utilisation plan for the area. This plan has been legalized only a while ago.

Logo des Städtebund Silberberg

Association of cities "Silberberg"

Marktplatz 1, 08294 Lößnitz

Tel.: 0 37 71 / 55 75 58
Fax: 0 37 71 / 55 75 68
web page:

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