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City information


Supporting trade and industry has the highest priority
Within the municipality of Aue the efforts for the trade and industry belong to the most important tasks. Supporting trade and industry is of the utmost importance and is therefore in the charge of the mayor.
The persons responsible for the businesses establish the prerequisites for the care and strengthening of the local companies and support the settlement of newly settled and newly founded businesses. Investors are accompanied from the first discussion of the settlement, the starting of the business and its placing at the market to the maintenance of the contact between investors and businesses.
Convince yourself of the mainfold possibilities in the district town Aue!

Land utilization management
Through a strategic land utilization management and an active real estate politics a finely branched supply of different business areas, warehouses, storage areas, open areas, offices, shops, restaurants and doctor´s offices is available.
One of those offers in the industrial areas will surely meet your demands.

Traffic and infrastructure
The area is connected to the autobahn A72 via the exits Hartenstein and Stollberg/West (about 10 km).
The slip road S255 is currently under construction and will be a faster and more direct connection in the future.

Aue as a connection point of the regional road network

B 101 - in the direction of Annaberg-Buchholz
B 169 - in the direction of the Vogtland
B 283 - in the direction of Klingenthal
S 255 - connection to autobahn A72 at the exit Hartenstein
K 9117 - in the direction of Schlema/Hartenstein
K 9179 - in the direction of Zschorlau

Aue´s railway station as a connection point

Regional railway Chemnitz- Aue (runs every two hours)
Regional railway Zwickau- Johanngeorgenstadt (runs every hour)
Service and Information: railway station Aue 0180 / 5 99 66 33

Railway station square as a connection point between railway and other means of public transport.


Dresden - via A72 / A4
Leipzig - via A72 / A4 / A9
- via A72 / A4 / A14
Altenburg - via B93 (direct flights to London available on daily basis)

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