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District town Aue - a traditional and competent industrial and economical site


The industrial development of the valley of Aue has always influenced the history of our town. The district town Aue has remained true to its tradition as an industrial site up to this day. Local firms and businesses like the Nickelhütte Aue GmbH (nickel metallurgical plant in operation since 1635) have influenced the city for several hundreds of years the city has become an unique place.


The city is also a site for mechanical engineering and the firms and businesses of Aue have always played a role in the further development of technological improvements. The firm Gebrüder Leonhardt GmbH & Co KG Blema Kircheis smoothly carries on with the developments made at the engineering plan Erdmann Kircheis and is the leading firm in the production of automatic packaging machines worldwide.


With a history of over 150 years in the production of textile machines the firm Xetma Gematex GmbH largely contributed to the history of the industrial development in Aue and Saxony. At the new site in the industrial area Alberoda I the employees daily show their tehnological competence and the effort of becoming the market leader in the of industrial sector of textile engineering.

Curt Bauer

In the middle of the city centre the family business Curt Bauer GmbH has been residing for over 120 years. The production of high-quality tablecloths and bed linen and its worldwide sale from the site that is also determining the townscape, carries the name of our city far beyond the borders of Europe.

The AWEBA Werkzeugbau GmbH Aue with its profile has become the backbone of the local trade and industry and has its home in the district town Aue. Through its extensive range of products, for example as a subcontractor for the automobile industry, the company has played a decisive role in causing the tool making industry in Aue to take the economical leadership.

AWEBA Werkzeugbau GmbH Aue

The district town feels obliged to support these traditions of trade and industry in the town. The close cooperation with the regional trade and industry and the intense care for both already existing businesses as well as newly settled businesses make it easy to decide for Aue as the perfect site. The persons responsible for you accompany you from the first discussion on, help you though the bureaucracy of the authorities, assist you when you start your business and stay in contact to give you information all necessary assistance.

Goethestraße 5
08280 Aue
(03771) 281-147
(03771) 281-234
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