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Town hall

Dear citizens and guests of the city of Aue,

Dear citizens and guests of the city of Aue,

Greeting from the mayor,

Dear citizens and guests of the city of Aue, welcome to the virtual townhall on web pages of the district town Aue.

OBM Kohl 2013

We gladly show you all the interesting and unique things our city has to offer.
The impressions of the city, the cultural and social facilities, the economical competence, the events and the leisure-time and sports activities, the architectural beauty of the Jugenstil buildings from the years of the rapid industrial expansion or the landscape - all these things togehter make life in our city in the Erzgebirge mountains worth living.
We recommend cross-sections of interesting tourist attractions to you, give you information on current events, we show you the zoological garden, the museum, the arts centre, the gallery, the symphony orchestra, the ensemble of the Erzgebirge mountains, the public library and introduce the municipal council and the administration to you.

With the possibilities in a virtual town hall the citizens and companies can contact us directly and conveniently from their homes and offices without having to go to the public authority in person.
This service includes all necessary information about administrative processes, forms, estimated processing times, fees and contact information.You also get information on services of other public and private offices.

The city is conveniently placed as regards transport facilities and can be reached easily from the autobahn A72 using several federal roads.
Aue is also a very good starting point to reach the well-known winter sports areas of the Erzgebirge mountains by bus, train or car. Also, a trip into the Bohemian indoor pool triangle of Karlsbad, Marienbad and Franzensbad as well as an excursion to Dresden, the capital of Saxony or to Leipzig, a commercial centre, is highly recommendable.

Situated in the valley at the confluence of the rivers Mulde and Schwarzwasser, the district town, especially because of the many bridges has an unique flair. Parks like the Carolateich or the Heidelsberg and churches originating in different centuries, as well es extensive hiking trails and modern architectural solutions round off the city´s profile.

I invite you to come to our city for a real visit and welcome you warmly among our visitors.

Heinrich Kohl
Mayor of the district city Aue

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