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Sports fields



Aue can be proud to have a sports place like the Erzgebirgsstadion as it is of special nature. Both sportsmen and journalists alike praise the flair of the location. Embedded in the surroundings of a typical Erzgebirge valley in the Lößnitztal, the stadium in Aue offers a unique scenery for fair sports games and competitions.


FC Erzgebirge Aue
Lößnitzer Straße, 08280 Aue

Sports ground Alberoda

Picturesque, in the midst of woods, the training and competition field of SV 1960 Alberoda e. V. is situated on an area of 5,000 square metres. A small field ground with sanitary facilities is available for training and competitions. The club SV 1960 Alberoda e. V. itself looks after the facilities and makes them available for games of the district league.

Ein Tor

Sportverein 1960 Alberoda e.V.
Alberodaer Straße 211, 08280 Aue

Tel.: 0 37 71 / 4 19 14 76

Next to it you find the ground of the German shepherd dog club OG "Kurt Grunert" e. V. Aue. The area is used together by both clubs..

Zwei Hunde


Sports ground Auerhammer

The small field area of 6,600 square metres in Neudörfel, a part of the town, is used by the club SV Auerhammer e. V. on hereditary lease. The club domicile is located on a property measuring 18,660 square metres which houses sanitary facilities and the club restaurant. Apart from training, the sports ground is also used for league games.


Thomas Goldhahn
Hubertusstraße 49, 08280 Aue

Tel: 0 37 71 / 2 31 05

Sports ground "Werner Seelenbinder"

Sports facilities named "Werner Seelenbinder" of 2,600 square metres are situated in the part of the town Zeller Berg. A small sports field and table-tennis tables are available to the young people from the local district. The area is also used for league games and tournaments.

Fussball 2

Wolfgang Zamzow

Tel: 0 37 71 / 5 12 92

Riding hall - Riding ground

The horse rider´s domicile can be found in the street Schwarzenberger Straße. Reit- und Fahrverein Aue e. V. runs an indoor riding hall of 480 square metres offering children and young people useful free time activities.
If the weather is good, the outdoor riding ground next to the hall can be used to give both animal and rider the opportunity to get some exercise out in the fresh air.


Carolyn Fuchs

Tel: 0 17 6 / 61 56 91 46

Tennis court Brünlasberg - Floßgraben

The tennis club Lokomotive Aue e. V. has got two nicely located and well-tended tennis courts. The facilities Floßgraben offer two courts and the facilities Brünlasberg three courts.
If you lik to relax or get some exercise, please call your personal contact:

Tennisanlage auf dem Brünlasberg

Werner Scholz

Tel: 0 37 71 / 2 67 01

Tennis court in the Erzgebirgsstadion

Facilities of the tennis department of FC Erzgebirge Aue.


Friedrich Mögling

Tel.: 0 37 71 / 5 24 27

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