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Vestenburg tunnel

Der Vestenburger Stollen

1661 the Saxon lead forester and serf hunter Georg Friedrich Rachals had a wide tunnel installed at the slope of Heidelsberg for the preservation of the good beer. During the works the miners found a rich tin ore. From this time on the calls of the miners of Aue sounded through the region, telling of the tin deposit found at the Heidelsberg. Miners from far and near moved into the region and a miner´s settlement developed. In the time following the Heidelsberg was influenced by busy mining activities that continued until 1810, the first decades having been the producing the best output.

The Vestenburg or Irrgänger Tunnel is a monument in memory of those lively times. It now gives us an interesting insight into the mining history of Aue as well as into the geology of the mountain Heidelsberg and its tin deposits. Its name very likely derives from the famous choral by Martin Luther: "Eine feste Burg ist unser Gott" (Our god is a strong castle.) The second name most likely resulted from the geological knowledge of the time, when mistakes were often made during the interpretation of black tin ore tunnels and the identification of the different tunnels.

Because the Vestenburg or Irrgänger Tunnel is stable and still passable tunnel it is well suited for a show tunnel.

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