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Partnership Aue - Guingamp

Wappen der Stadt Aue
wappen guingamp klein

At the day of Europe on 9th Mai 2011, the twinning between the Breton town of Guingamp and the German town of Aue in the Erzgebirge was signed.

It is the first twinning between a city of Saxony and a city of Brittany, although there already exist a partnership between the State of Saxony and the French region of Brittany since 1995.

Because of numerous common activities in the past, accompanied by the Saxon-Breton Association and the newly established town twinning committee of Aue/Saxony, further activities in the field of associations, sports, economy and in the socio-cultural partnership should follow.

Both cities have many similarities, such as the same surface area, the same sporting and economic interests and success as well as numerous advantages in the economic factor of tourism by their location near to a holiday resort.

Beyond the Franco-German friendship and as a part of a common Europe, the existing contacts of individual twin cities should be used in the partnership working to let the twinning be alive, so that we can speak of a “Circle Partnership”.

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